Research and Spectral Libraries

Jupiter observed in near-infrared wavelengths shows bright bands, and spots that are analogs as those expected for brown dwarfs

My research focuses in the characterization of the atmospheres of low-mass stars, brown dwarfs and free-floating planets.

My spectral libraries

Xshooter, ISAAC and HST Spectral libraries as published in Manjavacas et al. (2014, 2016, 2019, 2020)

Selected Refereed Publications

1. Manjavacas, E.; Karalidi, T.; Vos, J.; Biller, B.; Lew B. Revealing the Vertical Cloud Structure of a young low-mass Brown Dwarf, an analog to the beta-Pictoris b directly-imaged exoplanet, through Keck I/MOSFIRE spectro-photometric variability, 2021, ApJ, 162, 179.

2. Manjavacas, E.; Lodieu, N.; Béjar, V. J. S.; Zapatero-Osorio, M. R. et al. Spectroscopic Low-gravity Indicators for Brown Dwarfs, 2020, MNRAS, 491, 5925.

3. Manjavacas, E.; Apai, D. et al. Cloud Atlas: Rotational Spectral Modulations and Potential Sulfide Clouds in the Planetary-mass, Late T-type Companion Ross 458C, 2019, ApJ, 875L, 15.

4. Manjavacas, E.; Apai, D. et al. Cloud Atlas: Hubble Space Telescope Near-infrared Spectral Library of Brown Dwarfs, Planetary-mass Companions, and Hot Jupiters, 2019, AJ, 157, 101.

5. Manjavacas, E.; Apai, D.; Zhou, Y.; Lew, B.; Karalidi, T.; Scheider, G. et al.;. Cloud Atlas: Discovery of Rotational Spectral Modulation in a low-mass, L-Type Brown Dwarf Companion to a Star, 2018, AJ, 155, 11.

6. Manjavacas, E.; Miles-Páez, P. A.; Zapatero-Osorio, M. R.; Goldman, B.; Buenzli, E..; Pallé, E.; Henning, T., MNRAS, 468, 3024. Polarization of young brown dwarfs.

7. Manjavacas, E.; Goldman, B; Alcalá, J. M.; Bonnefoy, M.; Zapatero-Osorio, M. R.; Homeier, D.; Béjar, V. J. S.; Smart, R. L.; Allard F.; Henning, T.; 2016, MNRAS, 455, 1341. Hunting for brown dwarf binaries and testing atmospheric models using X-Shooter spectra.87.

8. Manjavacas, E.; Bonnefoy, M.; Goldman, B.; Chauvin, G.; Rojo, P. et al. 2014, 564, 55, A&A. New constrains on the formation and settling of dust in the atmosphere of young M and L dwarfs.

9. Manjavacas, E.; Goldman, B.; Reffert, S.; Henning, T. 2013, 560, 52 A&A. Parallaxes of cool brown dwarfs.

10. M. Marks; E. L. Martín; N. Lodieu; V. J. S. Béjar; P. Kroupa; I. Thies; E. Manjavacas; R Rebolo López; S. Velasco. A testable prediction to distinguish between peripheral and star-like formation, 2017, A&A, 605, 11.

11. F. Garzón; N. Castro; M. Insausti; E. Manjavacas; M. Miluzio; Peter Hammersley; N. Cardiel; S. Pascual; C. González-Fernández; J. Molgó; M. Barreto; P. Fernández; E. Joven; P. López; A. Mato; H. Moreno; M. Núñez; J. Patrón; J. Rosich; N. Vega. EMIR at the GTC: results on the commissioning at the telescope. SPIE digital library:

12. Biller, B. A.; Vos, J.; Buenzli, E.; Baxter, C.; Crossfield, I, J. M.; Allers, K.; Liu, M. C.; Bonnefoy, M.; Deacon, N.; Brandner, W.; Schlieder, J. E.; Dupuy, T.; Kopytova, T. G.; Manjavacas, E.; Allard, F.; Homeier, D.; Henning, T.; 2015, ApJ Letters, 813, 23. Variability in a Young, L/T Transition Planetary Mass Object.

13. Kopytova, T. G.; Crossfield, I. J. M.; Deacon, N. R.; Brandner, W.; Bayo, A.; Buenzli, E.; Schlieder, J. E.; Manjavacas, E.; Biller, B. A.; Kopon, D.; 2014, ApJ, 797, 3. Deep z-band observations of the coolest Y dwarf.

Press releases

June/July 2021: Astronomers Probe Layer-Cake Structure Of Brown Dwarf’s Atmosphere

May 2019: Mapping Cloud on a Distant World

July 2017:  Polarized light from a brown dwarf: where lies the dust at play? Calar Alto Observatory

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